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Unpublished Junkshop Glam article

Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet: Junkshop, Power and BubbleGlam

Excavating the underbelly of 70s throwaway Pop: Power Glam Crunchers, Proto-Punk and Glam Era Bubblegum Obscurities…

It has been said that the 70s were crap until Punk arrived and to a certain extent, if you only rely on overindulgent albums full of serious musicianship and singer-songwriter belly button fluff examinations, the case can be quite strong. However if you crave for the simple urgency and high energy of the mid 60s where the hook was king and 45s ruled the earth, there is plenty of fun to be had digging and discovering these juicy under-3-minute 70s wonders. You read it hear first: 1974 is the new 1965!

Record Collector’s original article in issue 269 (January 2002) provided a sneak preview to the joys of Junkshop Glam collecting, the great essential comps Velvet Tinmine (RPM 251 (2003), Glitter From The Litter Bin(Sanctuary CMQCD675 2003), Glitterbest RPM 265 (2004), Boobs –The junkshop discotheque RPM 298 ( 2005) and The Jook –Different Class CD RPM 295 (2005) consolidated the trend at which point some “serious” collectors and dealers looking for the next big thing entered the picture…As far as values go, a lot of these singles fell between the cracks and you may still find cheap copies in the bargain boxes at record fairs, however the same single that you may have bought for 50 pence, could well sell on ebay for £30 -£40 as the international demand has soared with the Japanese and Americans leading the way.

The 60s have been pretty much collected and compiled to death, with very few new Freakbeat/Psychobscurities being uncovered these days. That particular collecting scene is the probably the most closely related as there is also sometimes a good deal of overlap with many of the Freakbeat/Psych main players (The Sorrows,Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Rupert’s People to name a few) being involved with some of these releases. Sometimes it’s pretty much a case of what they did next… Material by Hector, Daddy Maxfield, Mustard, Iron Virgin or Shambles definitely hold their own and sit very comfortably next to The Craig, Wimplewinch etc… Also a lot of these singles were also precursors to Punk as singles by Barry Rolfe, Stud Leather or Spunky Spider are killer Proto-Punk numbers that could have been released 4 years later and fitted perfectly in 1977. Another similarity is shared with 60s fabricated Bubblegum. Many of these acts probably didn’t even exist, but were one-off attempts by producers to break into the charts, also a simple catchy melody is a often prerequisite and some Bubbleglam titles are simply an update of Kasenetz/ Katz simple and the point songsmith and production philosophy
As a general rule these songs never outstay their welcome, the harder edge ones are fuzzed-up and catchy morsels of unbridled energy, the poppier ones have hooks that will engrave themselves into your brain forever. And when the twain meet? Well you’re in Purepop heaven!
For every Sweet,Hello or Slade there were 100s of other acts who never even got close to denting the charts, and this is what we are talking about here. So put away any sense of shame, wipe away any lingering prejudices and start digging!

Abacus –Indian Dancer/Be That Way - York Records YR 207 (1974 UK)

Opening with sustained lead guitar, Indian Dancer powers along with crunchy guitar, fuzzed out booming bass and pounding drums with ancillary handclaps and tambourine. The track deserves to be played LOUD for full effect, just let those damn toms toms thud their way into your brain… The song is dead simple and the chorus is nothing short of incessant! This Abacus is not to be confused with the German Progressive band of the same name.

Albatross –Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Man/Witchy Witchy Lady –Mooncrest Moon 29 (1974 UK)

Probably best known for their Glammed up version of Tobacco Road (on Gull), Albatross also released 3 singles on Mooncrest, with this single being my favourite. Featuring some tasteful guitar licks (dig the volume control action giving that old 70s bow/violin sound), Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Man is an enjoyable example of Bubblegum Boogie, certainly not wild, but very hummable…

Barracuda –Summer Girls/ I Feel So Down–EMI 2027 (1973 UK)

Summer Girls is a superb Beach Boys cop written by Marty Wildeand Peter Shelley, the song was later covered by Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids as Hot Summer Girls on their fine Sons Of Beaches LP (Private Stock PS 2003). The B side I Feel So Down is a cool piece of hypnotic bongo psych and makes this single a great 2-sider.

Bombadil–Breathless/When The City Sleeps –Harvest 5056 (1972 UK)

Bombadil are in fact Barclay James Harvest but this sounds more like Chicory Tip jamming with T. Rex on a backing track where they couldn’t be bothered to write any lyrics. It has a fine groove with neat Bolanesque guitar and chugs along very nicely indeed.

The Boston Boppers – Did You Get What You Wanted/ Whirlwind Girl- Penny Farhting (1974 UK)Strategically positioned somewhere between ├╝ber-Kool and the land of Dork, The Boppers'only single is a great Glam Rock period piece. Produced and co-written by Mike Leander’s mate Eddie Seago, the music fits the image perfectly, loud and thumping like a mutant Glitter Band with over the top vocals that at times approach Boris Pickett territory. The B side is a good rocker , but in a slightly less OTT way. The A side can be found on Boobs –The junkshop discotheque (RPM)
Andy Bown –Supersonic/Feeling Better –GM GMS 9039 (1975 UK)

Yes, the same Andy Bown, who was the in The Herd and futureStatus Quo ivory tinkler, performing a storming version of the theme to Saturday morning’s TV Pop programme Supersonic. Produced by Tom Allom(Tiger), the single is cracking romping TV tie-in to be filed right next to Dazzle’s Jim’ll Fix It(DJM).

Brother Susan – See My Fingers Fly/ Full Blooded Natural Man –EMI 2177 (1974 UK)

The second of their two singles on EMI, they share a definite sonic similarity with Geordie, but See My Fingers Fly proves to be more entertaining as they up the gimmicky production side of things to good effect: the saxes and the 50’s semi Do Wop break with the deep voice over are especially fun…and not forgetting the not a bug or a slug part that is a highlight of the B side Full Blooded Natural Man...
Bubbles –This Is Where The Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Man Came In/Zap N’ Cat –Decca F 13583 (1975 UK) Some may find the A side too quirky, but for me this is the essence of pure Bubbleglam and every bit as wonderful as its title. From the Chicory Tip gurglings to the near sea shanty vocals, this is a real gem to be cherished and sung along to! Zap N' Cat is an out and out Punker with a great cutting guitar sound, it also features a great lead and drum break.
Cardinal Point –I’m The Grand Pretender/ Lolly Linda –Philips 6012 387 (1973 NL)

Cardinal Point were a bunch ex-pat Italians living in Holland. They released an album and a few singles, but this is the one that really stands out for me. Produced by Hans Van Hemert and co-written Piet Souer (Mouth& amp; McNeal, Dump etc…) this is a work of pure folly. The track has pre-Bohemian Rhapsody pretensions albeit with platform boots firmly stuck in a waste-management centre and the twist and turns cemented by the stomping beat makes this a single to seek out and cherish.

Change –Wildcat/Hold On –EMI 2354 (1975 UK)
Change were from Iceland and they issued an eponymous LP in Iceland on their own label in 1974. Wildcat is firmly in Brother Susan/ Slade Glam mode and is great fun, you can nearly hear the claws… In the UK, they first released single on Orange (Yaketty Yak, Smacketty Smack) which is a delightful sunny pop number and at least one other single on EMI. They also had another single released under the typo/ name switch of Chance (Wash My Mem’ries).
Daddy Maxfield –Rave ‘N’Rock/Smilin’ Again –Pye 7N 45266 (1973 UK)

Rave ‘N’ Rock is up there in the pantheon of killer Junkshop Glamsingles and it certainly deserves its reputation. The track is ROCKsolid, but there’s also something strange going on with the meter and with the way the different sections overlap. Daddy Maxfield were Louis Maxfield (AKA Lou Natkin) and Graham Daddy. They also released You’re Breaking My Heart/ Oh My (Rhino) and were on the periphery of the LA Punk scene. Prior to that, they had deal with UAwho put out the Northern Soul collectable I have Always Been In Love With You which goes for ridiculous amounts on ebay.

Douglas –Monkey Song / Montego Sunshine –CBS 2281 (1974 Sweden)

If you’re not immediately hooked by those weird slowed-down intro vocal effects, the loud guitars, the thumping beat, the mother of all catchy tunes, the inane lyrics, there’s not much hope for you. This is like Panthermanin a monkey suit running Jungle Jim out of town.
Douglas Westlunds was in fact the drummer on some weekly Swedish TV show , but one night he stepped up to the microphone and performed this number.. It became a semi-hit in Sweden, but as far as I know Douglas wasn’t heard from again.

Galahad –Rocket Summer/Elephant Stomp –Bell BLL 1273 (1973 UK)

This should be filed under tripped out Glam! Galahad is a studio creation from Gerry Morris and producer Tony Atkins. This duo were involved with countless obscurities including Toggle, Boulevard,Thunder Road, Blunderbuss. Rocket Summer is a slow-paced fuzzed-up groover with psychedelic inclinations, note the HEYs with the backward reverb effect and they most definitely go into uncharted territory with the Spinal Tap –like voice-overs. The B side is a psych/Glam instrumental swamped in cavernous reverb. Keep on stomping with the mushrooms lads!

Giggles – Just Another Saturday Night/Bazooka –EMI 2513 (1976 UK)

Just Another Saturday Night is a cover of the lead track from Canada’s Moonquake’s second album (Star Struck). Not sure how a UK band on a major label, would have caught on to one of Canada’s finest, but in my opinion this version wins out over the original as it’s a top grade Glam/Boogie crossover with enough sound effects and twists and turns to warrant several return visits. Giggles had another 3 singles on EMI, before metamorphosing intoThe Giants (on RCA).

Go Go Thunder –The Race/ Mrs. Mann –RCA 2494 (1975 UK)

Probably a one-off studio creation by the song-writing team of Arnold, Martin, Morrow (See Rescue Co. No. 1), Go Go Thunder’s (great name) single is a real oddity. Based on a thumping drum pattern, semi-hard rock guitar licks, roaring motor sounds and lyrics alluding to the Indianapolis sun and exploding cars. It has an exuberant over –production and it’s a mighty fun experience. The B side is very much like an up tempo Wizzard number.

Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilemna –DJM DJS. 291 (1973 UK)

Lady is an OK rocker in a Free/ Humble Pie sort of way, but It’s the B side where the interest really lies. The vocals recall Sweetat times and the obligatory handclaps are there, but there is a weirdness in the arrangement and production that envelops the performance and drops the song into some sort of Psych/Glam mish-mash. The poppy chorus is more like a middle 8 and only happens once after the solo, the song then turns into Be Bop A Lula and you’re left wondering what the hell it was all about! Another period curio produced by Kaplan Kaye.

Grudge –When Christine Comes Around/ I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In –Black Label BL 002 (1973 UK)
Hard to know where to start with this one, but a particular commendation is due to the B side. Sounding like a 1910 Fruitgum Company backing track with a camp lead vocal, a very catchy sing-along chorus, assorted screams and an Elvis impersonation coming on more like Mae West in the middle eight - this is one incredible release!
How about this for a chorus?
I’m gonna smash your face in
I’m gonna smash your face in baby
I’m gonna smash your face in, oh yeah, my paper doll

The A side When Christine Comes Around follows the same theme….It’s got a cheesy teeny-bopper Status Quo feel, A mad Wipe Out type intro…and the lyrics? …well you guessed it!Christine, Christine, Christine
When Christine comes around I’m gonna smash her face in…
ad nauseum!
It seems that “Grudge”/ Laurie Marshall is none other but Paul St John who released The Flying Saucers Have Landed single on Pye 1972 and also produced the Glam Cruncher by SpivOh You Beautiful Child (Pye)

Billy Hamon –Butch Things/ Amusement Arcade Bronze Records BRO 58 (1978)

Imagine The Cramps with Bryan Ferry singing with a fist down his throat at half speed and that’s just the sound…the lyrics are just incredibleWell, you know the Butch Things come out at night
standing on street corners, lit by lamplight
leather jackets and tight- jeaned bikes, oh yeah
Somehow Andy Mackay produced this gem and once you’ll hear it…well, you will never forget your first Billy Hamon experience in any case!

Hector –Wired Up/Ain’t Got Time–DJM DJS 289 (1973 UK)

You can believe the hype: Wired Up is as good as it’s talked up to be and is the perfect introduction to anyone not familiar with Junkshop Glam..Wired Up is just perfect with its frenetic tempo, crunching sound, and killer hook. The synth part even works as it’s so over the top and I challenge anyone who loves Rock ‘N’ Roll to remain unmoved by this. The B side Ain’t Got Time is another great thumper and would have been a perfect A side for any other band.

Hector – Bye Bye Bad Days/ Lady–DJM DJS 303 (1974 UK)

Bye Bye Bad Days is another top notch Glam/Punk performance by Hector and a worthy follow-up to Wired Up.. It’s all you could ever want from a glam single: Loud and crunching with snotty vocals and a super chorus that comes on like the Bay City Rollersperforming Jeepers Creepers in salute to Satan.

Iron Virgin –Rebels Rule/Ain’t No Clown –Deram DM416 (1974 UK)

This is probably the most well known Junkshop single of them all and it’s an absolute killer release. The vinyl literally bleeds from the power and cutting guitar sound contained within and Rebels Rule sounds as fresh and exciting as when I first heard it as a 14 year old. You best believe it!

Just Plain Jones –Crazy Crazy/Should Have Stayed With Mary –CBS 7480 (1971 UK)

Crazy Crazy is a raucous Garage Punk Stomper sounding like it came out of the Mid West in ’66 (and not the UK in 1971). The hand claps and stomping feet also somehow create a link between Frat Rock and Glam. Another surprise is that the group featured DJ and all round personality MikeRead

Left Side –(Like A) Locomotion/Mama You Said The Right Words –Philips 6012362 (1973 NL)

For my money this may be my favourite Dutch single of all time. This single has one the best and catchy production jobs from the 70s. Producer Peter Koelewijn manages to create so much space yet adds so much texture. Listen to how the Leslie guitar morphs into a Fuzz part and groove to the judicious rhythmic use of the Wah Wah. The finale is simply breathtaking as all the parts converge with some strange trippy bleeps thrown in as well. It’s all so simple, but all so right. It’s a work of pure genius.
J.C. Livingstone –Momma Was A Steamroller Lady/ OO La La Me – Penny Farthing P 824 (1973 UK )
Don’t be fooled by the toothy Donny Osmond grin on the cover as an evil smirk and darkness lies within… Propelled by savage pounding drums and featuring a nifty slide riff and brash guitars, Momma Was A Steamroller Ladyis a real blustering rocker somewhere along the lines of Fortune Tellerwith a bit of Jumpin’ Jack Flash thrown in for good measure…This is Glam Rock filtered through 60s garage Punk and it’s a real classic through and through.

Marrakesh –The Prodigal Son Returns/Let Me Down Easy –Bell 1325 (1973 UK)
The Prodigal Son Returns opens with an intro lifted from The Easybeats’ Good Time, the vocals in the verse are quite raspy and the chorus recalls T.Rex in much the same way as Chunky or Hobnail. It’s not Glam per se, but a memorable straightforward Pop Rocker that I often find myself returning to. Their previous single I Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight(Bell 1315) is also good, but with more of a Faces feel.
Mick Flinn Band –Doing It Right/ Do What You Wanna Do –EMI 2805 (1978 UK)

Incredible to think that this is the same Mick Flinn who was in The Mixtures (The Pushbike Song) and even more weird when you consider that he was also in The New Seekers! Both tracks are Killer Punk/Glamnumbers with a great high -energy performance and tight production (it looks like Vic Maile was involved here). It seems that they were only demo copies pressed.

Mustard –Good Time Comin’/ I Saw I Heard –EMI 2165 (1974 UK)
This single is loud and I mean really LOUD, it literally burst out from the vinyl…It’s a real heavy Cruncher, but without any Hard Rock histrionics. It has a great overdriven guitar sound, non-stop handclaps and a very peculiar pseudo-Rockabilly guitar break accentuated by a honking sax…and the handclapping storm-troopers march on and on throughout… The B side is really good too with its metallic clanging power chords, wild guitar solo and… yes, handclaps! Glam as the new Freakbeat?–discuss at your leisure…
Ning –Machine/More Ning –Decca F23114 (1971 UK)

Ning were a 4 piece from Coventry and Machine is Part Glam/ Bubblegum/ Heavy Prog with Protest lyrics. With it’s pumping heartbeat rhythm, riff borrowed from The Music Explosion’s Little Bit Of Soul and a singer who sounds like a constipated Lemmy, this is one weird artifact. Machinewas written by Mike Berry, the devil’s own publisher, was also behind countless other great singles (U.K. Jones, Small Wonder, One Hit Wonders etc..)
Pantherman –Pantherman/You Are My Friend –Polydor 2050315 (1974 NL)

I am your Pantherman
I am your Pantherman
I’ll show you my paws
I am your Pantherman
I am your Pantherman
I’ll show you my claws


Welcome to the deranged mind (and wardrobe) of Dutch producer Frank Klunhaar
This single is up there with the weirdest and best of what the 70s can offer. The track is a raging Punk/Glam classic with vocals that come across like Bryan Ferry’s disturbed twin who was sectioned at birth and locked up with Billy Hamon. Frank also released Panther Walk under this pseudonym and One Man Bandunder the name Panther, both on Polydor),

Pheon Bear – War Against War/ 87th Precinct – Pye 7N 45232 (1973 UK)

The A side is a real loud cruncher is a Freakbeat/Glamcrossover and recalls The Hammersmith Gorillas. It has ’66 Yardbirdstrident guitar breaks, feedback and a raspy shouted vocal performance from an angry Mr. Bear who just had someone spit in his porridge. The song itself is pretty basic, not moving too far from a 12 bar structure, but it’s chant-like chorus of Gotta keep up the war against war is pretty effective. But who the hell is this guy???. The demo came with a nice picture stamp on the label-a cheaper option to picture sleeves anyhow…
Rescue Co. No.1 –I Want To Save You/ Amanda –Jam 14 (1972 UK)

Arnold, Martin & Morrow (Go Go Thunder, Butterscotch) are behind this fine slab of orchestral Glammy Psych/Pop. Rescue Co. No.1 had a plethora of singles on different labels, and this is one of the 3 singles they released on the Jam imprint. It’s probably my favourite Rescuesingle of the lot, with It’s Only Words flowing close behind. The lush yet sharp arrangement and production is simply staggering and it all sounds a bit like The Move accompanied by The London Symphony Orchestraplaying an unreleased Hello tune.

Barry Rolfe –Look The Business/Molly Molly–Philips 6006331 (1973 UK)

Look The business is an aggressive Proto-Punk rocker oozing attitude with shouted vocals on the verge of breaking up and its blistering guitar break. It’s Pretty amazing stuff and surprising that this came out in’73 instead of ’77. Barry Rolfe released Going Up on Philips the following year, and there’s another single called Beam Me Aboard Mr. Spock, but I dread to think that he was a Trekkie, albeit a Punked-out one.
Shambles –Hello Baby/Held Me Spellbound –RCA 2522 (1975 UK)

Shambles were led by ex Mandrake Paddle Steamer singer Brian Engel and their only single is made up of two absolute corkers. Hello Baby is a great hi-energy Power Pop/Glam number that is totally infectious and the B side, the wild and rockin’ Held Me Spellbound is as good as Jook covering Watch Your Step. Both tracks are wonderfully loud and bright thanks to the great Roy Thomas Bakerproduction. I am amazed at the number of acts that Brian Engel was involved with: He was in Starbuck, Prowler, Liverpool Echo,Limey and others… including a stint with The New Seekers!

Small Wonder –Ordinary Boy/ Ride A Black Sheep –Dawn DNS 1094 (1974 UK)

Anyone for a Raga Glam track? Ordinary Boy is an incredible mish-mash of stomping Glitter beat with double -tracked handclaps, detuned E string to D guitar, sitar resonance and gritty vocals. The effect is startling. Glam stomping Raga rules!
The other side Ride A Black Sheep is a total T Rex cop. It’s pureJeepster with a fun Marc Bolan impersonation. Both tracks are written by Mike Berry (Ning)

Smith & Weston –A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues/Run Run Run –Decca F13441 (1973 UK)

Smith & Weston come up with a wild version of the Arthur Alexander track. Rawer than The Flamin’ Groovies' version from the previous year, this version stands (and stomps) at the crossroad of the then current Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival (Wild Angels, Fumble) and crunching Glam - power chords, handclaps and all

Soho Jets - Denim Goddess/ Smile - Polydor 2058 98 (1974 UK)

Featuring Grant Stevens who would later front Punk band Razar, who did good cover of Third World War’s Ascension Day, Denim Goddess features a nice full production. The background vocals recall Mott’s Roll Away The Stoneand Grant Stevens has a great voice and it all comes together very nicely. Denim Goddess is fine period Glam/Pop single with a very catchy chorus that makes it sound like an instantly recognisable hit

Sparky –(Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman/You Gotta Have It Sometime –UK Records UK 16 (1972 UK) The question is-how much more Troggscan you get? The answer is none more…Summertime Woman is simply an incredible Troggs facsimile from 1972 (even though it sounds like’66). It has that same pervy reptilian crawl that permeates some of the best releases from Reg and co. The Ocarina may replaced by a bluesy harp, but the illusion is perfect. The other side is also cool with its Gonna Make Youvibe and blistering lead break.

Spiv –Oh You Beautiful Child/ Little Girl – Pye 7N 45293 (1973 UK)

Oh You Beautiful Child is a great example of the perfect Glam Cruncher with its slap-back compressed handclaps, cutting lead, catchy hook and exuberant vocals, it’s up there with the best. The single was produced and the A side written by Laurie Marshall - the same guy who was behind Grudge’sWhen Christine Comes Around/ I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In.

Spunky Spider –You Won’t Come/Perchance –Phoenix S-NIX 143 (1973 UK)

With perhaps one of the greatest band names ever (try saying it in a Yorkshire accent!), Spunky Spider’s only single is a strange beast indeed. Although not sporting an attractive tune, the approach is pure snotty nosed Proto-Punk and its cavernous lo-fi production values land this single in the middle of absolute Nowhere.
Bonnie St. Claire –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet/Catch Me Driver –Philips 6012283 (1973 NL)

Bonnie St. Claire And Unit Gloria
released the original version of this great song written by producer Peter Koelewijn. The song does exactly what it says on the tin and it really delivers the goods. It’s a classic girl song that only a bloke could write! The production is superb and Bonnie’s performance is timeless. What a babe…

Stud Leather – Cut Loose/ Emma Louise – Dart ART 2024 (1973 UK)

Cut Loose is a frenetic primitive Punker powered by slap-back echoed drums, raw guitar and a simplistic piano pounding. The track builds and builds and the vocals get wilder, ending in near hysterics. The track finally turns into a wild cacophonous Freak Out concluding in a final explosion…it’s totally bonkers

Sweeney Todd –Roxy Roller/ Rue De Chance - London HLU 10540 (1976 UK)

Both songs are probably the choice cuts from the first Sweeney Toddalbum (with Nick Glider recorded before pot-marked Bryan Adamscame along) . Roxy Roller is simply a fantastic Glam/ Power Pop number (covered by Suzi Quatro amongst others) and is up there with the best singles released in the 70s. It certainly has the grit and attitude sometimes missing from the rest of Nick Gilder’s output.

Tag – Off Down The Road / Guitar Love - Philips 6006 477 (1975 UK)
Off Down The Road is a loud Pop number with an intriguingly constructed tune that grows on you and yet is instantly catchy at the same time. It has a real big sound with piano, a relentless beat, exuberant guitar playing plus the usual Glam trappings (handclaps, Heys etc…but not in the usual context). Off Down The Road has a very special something that I can’t quite put my finger on and is a hugely enjoyable find.

The Sunshine Kid –My Linda/Get Your Rocks Off Baby –RCA 2413 (1973 UK)
Post-Apple single by Chris (We’re On Our Way) Hodge . My Lindahas some real meaty power chords, a bit of funky Wah Wah and a strange Asiatic interlude, there’s a hell of a lot lot crammed into its playing time and The Beatle Oooohs are a nice touch.. Get Your Rocks Off Baby is a more straightforward boogie work-out; again very strong in the guitar department.
Tiger- I Am An Animal/Stop That Machine –UA UP 35848 (1975 UK)

I Am An Animal is a full-frontal testosterone-charged, smeared in Brut assault on the senses (and sensitivities…). The words Wild Glam Cruncher were invented for this one, and it could have been a perfect follow up to Iron Virgin’s Rebels Rule, with bigger belt buckles and an extra set of dangling medallions to spare. The track has got great guitars, claps and all the trappings. And the lyrics? Oh boy…I am an animal, one big gruesome animal…
Some people call me a ram, but I don’t give a damn…
Some people say I’m a bull, cos’ I just love to pull…
Some people say I’m a gorilla, cos’ I must get my fill-a
Some people say I’m a beast, on women I like to feast,

Talk about raw unreconstructed specimens of manhood letting it fly…God bless the 70s!
U.K. Jones –Let Me Tell Ya / And The Rains Came Down – Deram DM 231 (1969 UK)

Let Me Tell Ya has been referred to elsewhere as being the first ever Glam number and although it features handclaps and HEYs, this single is so much more than that. It’s a riotous performance with the same exuberance as found on Mike Berry’s One Hit Wonders CBS single (Hey Hey Jump Now/Goodbye). The tune is simply the mother of all hooks, the gang-show vocals give it a Frat Rock/Party feel and the driving beat hurtles along relentlessly. And The Rains Came Down is also really special with a wonderful upbeat bubblegum chorus and thunder and rain effects.
Union Express –Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix –F 13408–(1973 UK)

Ok, this Spanish picture sleeve may be one of the most gloriously garish items in my collection, but be sure to check inside, as the contents are PURE KILLER!
Do You Love Me is a great Glammed up version of The Contours’hit. Dig the 1-2-3-4 count response to a little bit of soul now….The guitar gets pretty wild at the end and the whole performance sounds like a loose end of session work out with a few handclaps added. If the A side is good, the B side positively verges on the great. Alligator Fix is just one of those brilliant obscure gems that pop up once in a while.
Trevor White - Crazy Kids/ Moving In The Right Direction - Island Records WIP 6291 (UK 1976) Dodgy ageing rocker in flared jump suit and boxing boots creates instant Teen Rock classic SHOCK!!
Crazy Kids is definitely up there in the pantheon of non-hit wonders. Originally a Jook B side (Trevor’s previous Bovver Boy stomping combo), this later solo version is the bomb. From the opening lead guitar salvo to the slamming bedroom door, emphasizing surly Teen behaviour and with a catchy chorus that positively soars , this song is a total classic.

Wild Angels - Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet/Wild Angels Rock And Roll –Decca F13456 (1973 UK)

The Wild Angels
started out in the late 60s as a purist Rockabilly band, but by the time they signed to Deccathey opened up to more general rockin’ material. Their Out At Last LP from ’72 is great with mean covers of Brand New Cadillac and I Fought The Law sitting nicely next to some choice originals. I’m sure there was some gritting of teeth as they sold out by going all out for a hit, however they really deliver a high octane rockin’ performance of Bonnie St. Claire’s Euro hit admirably produced by a young Martin Rushent.
Yellow Bird –Attack Attack/ Right On – Magnet MAG 16 (UK 1974)

Somehow this one hasn’t cropped up yet on any Junkshop Glitter CD comps, but it rings all the right bells and truly delivers with its Eddie Cochran handclapped intro, crunching beat, killer chorus and a wild guitar solo which is nearly on a par with Hector’sWired Up and the chorus has a rockin’ Dwight Twilley feel to it. Both tracks are written by Marty Wilde (Kim’s dad) and Peter Shelley (Alvin Stardust).

Well, I hope I’ve wetted your appetite with these tasty morsels, but I’ve only scratched the surface here. To keep the hunger at bay, here are another 100 or so names to get you truly started on your way…
A Raincoat, Alvin's Heart-Beats, American Jam Band, Angel (Cube), Angels Of Islington, April, Arzenboys, Bearded Lady, Big Boy Blue, Bilbo Baggins, Barry Blood, Bo' Flyers, Boneshaker, Bumpers, Buster, Buzz, Canyon, Paul Cass, Chaos, Chunky, Clutch, Cold Fly, Cordells, Crunch, Crush, Dancer, Dazzle, Tracey Dean, Del, Doc & Prohibition, Downhill Racers, Gisela Dressler, Dump, Edwina Biglet And The Miglets, Elmer Goodbody Jnr, Farm, Fifth Form, Firebird, Flight, Fogg, Foxtrot, Stanley Frank, Frenzy, The Gang, The Garnets, Gidians League, Hamlett, Heavy Dwarves, Helter Skelter, Hobnail, Horizontal, Hot Rocks, Ice Cream, Iron Cross, Jack Stack –A-Track, Jet, Jook, Jungle Jim, Left End, Lemming, Light Fantastic, Earle Mankey, Matayo, Merlin, Mighty 'Em, Milk 'N' Cookies, Moonquake, Muff, Nimbus, One Hit Wonders, Onkinsmog, Parkinson's Law, Patches, Peepers, Plastic Feet, Propeller, Prowler, Puzzle, Rats, Redhead, Remember This, Revolver, Ritz, Rock Rebellion, Rockmore Williams, Rococo, Paul Ryder And Time Machine, Screemer, Sensation, Shabby Tiger, Shakane, Shelby, Sisters, Slowbone, Smiffy, Smiley, Brett Smiley, Son Of A Gun, Squeek, Stephen, Streak, Streakers, Stumpy, Sweet Reason, Thieves, True Adventure, Tubthumper, Villain, Vulcan, Warwick, Washington Flyers, Wellington, Willy Zango And The Mechanics, Zappo, Zingara, Zipper